« I wanted to create an incredible product, able to boost the effectiveness of all the products on a daily basis.

In my quest to guarantee infinite hydration, I discovered the Stone Flower, also known as the resurrection plant. It is able to survive in the desert by capturing all surrounding traces of moisture, to have its fill of water and protect its cells. I wanted to completely preserve its power, so I thought of how to transfer it right into the skin, by including it in an unprecedented subtle gel formula. »


Main active ingredient
The Stone Flower: In the Mexican desert of Chihuahua, the Stone Flower never dies. It makes do with the morning dew to survive in the extreme desert temperatures. This resurrection plant has the exceptional property of retaining water captured from the outside environment within its cells, using sponge-like structures.

Additional active ingredients
- Hyaluronic acid and gelling polymers to hydrate the skin and ensure it retains water
- Hydrating plant-based glycerin

For the Stone Flower to fully retain its effectiveness, the Galénic Master Formulator developed a customised structure, called water in Tamis³ moléculaire™. Composed of a specific network of 3 molecular sieves, it quickly transfers the Stone Flower into the core of the cells.


Fresh, textured lotion, with floral notes of lotus and peony and enchanting base notes of musk and amber.

How to use

Apply morning and/or evening to the face and neck, directly using your hands, with no need for a cotton pad, after cleansing and before using your serum and/or usual skincare product.

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