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- SPF30 protection* against pollution and UV rays
- Its barely-there texture makes an ideal base for make-up
- Its pink powdery finish for a healthy glow effect
- Shaka-Shaka for extreme finesse



"Today more than ever, if women want to preserve their youth and beauty capital for as long as possible, they have to protect themselves. That’s why I wanted to create an invisible shield to protect the skin against the harmful effects of pollution and UV rays, day after day*.

However, most skincare products which contain sunscreens are known for being greasy and sticky and leaving white marks on the skin. And so I developed this unprecedented skincare, an SPF30 sunscreen with a very lightweight, fine formulation which feels barely there on the skin, ideally suited for pleasurable daily use.

To create this exceptional product, I selected UVA/UVB filters and the perfect anti-pollution “defender”, Dandelion extract."


Main active ingredient:
A duo of active “defence” ingredients:
- Dandelion extract, to protect the skin from the harmful effects of pollution. With the promise of slower ageing**, a radiant complexion and refined skin texture.
- UVA and UVB filters to help protect the skin* from the harmful effects of the sun.

Complementary active ingredients:
- Hydrating glycol and glycerine
- Esters and powders which absorb grease from the formula to leave a powdery finish on the skin
- Light-coverage pigments for a healthy glow effect

The formulation:
To make this SPF30+ texture as fluid, lightweight and barely-there as possible, the Master Formulator created a special formulation structure, the Shaka inverse emulsion TM. This formulation technique removes the need to add gelling agents which stabilise the sunscreens but have a thickening effect. With Shaka-Shaka, fluidity is pushed to the extreme. When the container is shaken, a little ball contained in the formulation refines the texture even further.


A barely-there, pink powdery veil with floral notes of peony, magnolia and jasmine, elevated by more intense notes of musk and cashmere wood; a delicate spring bouquet.

How to use

Shake well before each use.
Apply to the face in the morning, alone or after your usual day product, before make-up.

Avoid contact with eyes
* Targeted skincare for resisting the harmful effects of city life (Pollution, UV rays)
** In vitro tests on Dandelion extract at 1%.

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Starting my morning routine with my new ally against pollution from @galenic_official!
#Galenic #GalenicPortugal #AquaUrban #PerfectEquation

@natalinasousasantos Portugal


¿Sabías que la contaminación y la radiación UV aceleran el envejecimiento de la piel y apagan la luminosidad? ¿La mejor estrategia para seguir estando guapa?
Pues es Aqua Urban de @galenic_official , un escudo invisible que protege frente a los daños de la contaminación, radicales libres y radiación UV.
Textura fluida que no aporta nada de peso a tu piel.
Viste tu piel con este velo protector, ideal para usar cada día y resistir los efectos nocivos de la vida urbana.
Disponible en SPF50 y SPF30.
¿Te proteges de la polución ó sólo del sol?

@macarenaviro Spain


Jamais sans ma routine «Aqua Urban » de chez @galenic_official Idéal pour affronter la pollution urbaine et protéger la peau tout en l’hydratant. (by me!)
#fashion #instafashion #instaglam #makeuptutorial #blog #followme #glow #instagramer #maquillage #instamakeup #photography #fashionblogger #galeniclovers #picoftheday #instagood #instagram #photooftheday #photooftheday #makeup #blogger #influencer #giveaway #mood #hairstyle #AquaUrban #BeautyRoutine #frenchblogger #paris #amazing #galenic

@mitzi_beauty_love France


Me ha dicho un pajarito que hay un concursazo con #Galenic! De momento, de todas las cosas que he probado me quedo sin lugar a dudas con el #diffuseurdebeaute y con la línea #AquaUrban. La bruma en verano, ha sido mi salvación y el protector #bouclier ahora con los cambios de tiempo, es súper fácil de usar y muy cómodo en la piel. Habéis probado algo de @galenic_official? Por cierto ya le tengo echado el ojo al colorete y al nuevo bronceador...

@Pharmabeauties Spain


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