"I wanted to develop the most targeted advanced treatment for skin slackening.

In my quest to find the ultimate formula, I had a hunch that the argan tree had inestimable powers that could do wonders for the skin. Ten years of research into plant biotechnology were needed to reveal its regenerative power and to culture millions of native argan cells. These cells then had to be integrated into a formula that would preserve their effectiveness and their youthful state. I came up with and developed a matrix-based formula that blends into the skin by biomimicry, ensuring that the active ingredient is diffused throughout the various layers of the skin."


The main active ingredient
Native argan cells: exclusive and patented plant stem cells.

Complementary active ingredients
- Moisturising plant-based glycerin
- A network of lipids to ensure the extended release of the active ingredients throughout the day.
- Argan oil enriched with vitamin E
- Safflower Oil
- Shea Butter
- Glycolic acid at a low concentration for a light peel effect

To completely diffuse the active ingredients deep within the skin while preserving their anti-ageing power, Galénic's Master formulator came up with and developed an intelligent, matrix-based galenic formula called the 3Ss - Skin Similar Structure. This galenic formulation blends into the skin by biomimicry and ensures that the active ingredient is diffused throughout the different layers of the skin.


An off-white serum with a fresh and fluid texture and a feminine sillage of iced tea and floral, fruity and musky notes.

How to use

Apply in the morning and at night to the face, neck and neckline

Avoid contact with eyes

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