'"I wanted to create a ideal skincare that would boost skin radiance each morning. To create this exceptional skincare, I selected ruby microparticles. This unique, precious active ingredient has the ability to give the cheeks a rosy glow and quickly light up the face. I then incorporated this within a unique, innovative formulation that ensures a gradual diffusion of hydrating and revitalising active ingredients. The skin glows with new radiance."


Main active ingredient
Ruby microparticles, for an instant rosy glow

Complementary active ingredients
Immediate diffusion
• Blurring eraser to ensure the skincare is distributed evenly and deliver a smoothing, soft-focus veil
Gradual diffusion
• Vitamin B3 well-known for its energising properties on the complexion radiance.
• Hydrating plant glycerin
• Vitamin E for protection against free radicals

The formulation
The Master formulator has created an exceptional formulation structure called Réservoir Mésomorphique™, which enables the active ingredients to be diffused gradually, giving skin an immediate radiance-boosting effect.


Refined gel-cream studded with real ruby fragments color a captivating raspberry pink, with fruity, vibrant notes of bergamot, mandarin and lemon, combined with delicate, floral notes of white musk and jasmine.  

How to use

Use as desired :

1. Instant radiance boost: apply in the morning or before going out for an immediate radiance boosting effect
2. As a three week treatment to boost the skin when it needs it most
3. As a primer for make-up so that it can be applied easier.

the experience