"I wanted to create a daytime care product with a perfectly balanced anti-wrinkle action, thanks to its comfortable and light texture.

To create this perfect formula, I drew inspiration from a scientific discovery pertaining to the healing power of blue-green algae poultices for the treatment of wounds. I observed their healing power and conducted countless laboratory experiments to develop a stable and well-tolerated active ingredient endowed with the skin-repairing qualities of this algae. To preserve their mighty power, I incorporated this ingredient into a mimetic formula that ensures that the blue-green algae penetrates perfectly and rapidly into the heart of the cells."


The main active ingredient
Absolute extract of blue-green algae, a powerful, exclusive and patented anti-wrinkle agent.

Complementary active ingredients
- Vitamin E for its antioxidant action
- Moisturising molecules
- Gentle emollients for a velvety feel
- Shea butter to soften and comfort the driest skin

Galénic's Master formulator invented a mimetic galenic structure called Lamellar bilayers. This structure—whose composition is identical to that of skin-cell membranes—helps to diffuse the powerful blue-green algae for optimal effectiveness.


A fresh and light blue-tinted cream, scented with notes of watermelon, aniseed, jasmine and sandalwood.

How to use

Apply in the morning to the face, neck and neckline.

Avoid contact with eyes
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