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"I wanted to develop a delightful make-up remover that would effectively rid the face of its impurities while respecting all skin types.

In this quest for the perfect formula, I found an active ingredient, sweet clover floral water, which is an extremely pure, clear water recognised for two main properties: its purifying action and soothing action. To maintain these two main actions in our make-up removers, I used a formulation technique that forms various micellar microstructures encapsulating the active ingredient: fat-containing micelles trap impurities (sebum, make-up) and then gently and thoroughly cleanse the skin"


The main active ingredient
Melilotus floral water

Complementary active ingredients
- Mild cleansing surfactants
- Comforting and hydrating agents
- Soap-free

To guarantee an effective cleanser that respects the skin, the Master Formulators at Galénic used a formulation technique to form micellar microstructures with the active ingredient. These micellar systems transport the cleansing active ingredients to bring them into contact with the skin's impurities. Make-up is gently and thoroughly removed.


On contact with water, the rich mousse turns into an airy cream and envelops the skin with its fresh notes of white flowers, jasmine and lily of the valley.

How to use

Apply in the morning and/or at night to your wet face. Massage until the mousse turns into a cream and rinse with water.

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