"I wanted to invent a make-up remover that struck a perfect balance between effectiveness and tolerance.

In my quest for the perfect formula, I discovered the active ingredient Melilotus floral water, a clear and exquisitely pure water that is recognised for two key properties: it stimulates the elimination of toxins from the skin and has an anti-irritant effect. However, I needed to find a way to ensure that our make-up removers preserved these two properties… I used a formulation technique that makes it possible to produce various micellar microstructures that encapsulate the active ingredient; the micelles, with their lipid centre, imprison the impurities (sebum, make-up) and gently finish cleansing the skin."


The main active ingredient
Melilotus floral water

Complementary active ingredients
- Gentle cleansing surfactants
- Moisturising glycols
- Soothing and softening alpha bisabolol

To ensure that the cleanser is both effective and gentle on the skin, Galénic's Master formulator used a technique that allowed the active ingredient to be incorporated into micellar microstructures.  These micellar systems transport the cleansing ingredients to the impurities on the skin surface. This allows make-up to be just as effectively yet gently removed.


A gentle and crystal-clear lotion scented with fresh notes of white flowers, jasmine and lily of the valley.

How to use

After using PUR Gentle Cleansing Milk, apply with a cotton pad to the face and neck to finish removing make-up.

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