"I wanted to create a skincare product that would transform the texture of the skin in seconds, whilst still being suitable for all skin types, including the most fragile. An amazing product which smooths the skin, restores radiance and recreates baby skin-softness, all at once. In my quest to find the perfect formula, I selected retain their properties and use them to their full extent, I created an anhydrous/water-free/dry* formula, without preservatives, which has an optimal effect on contact with water."

* 99% dry powders and 1% water, which enables the powder to transform into a scrub for applying to the face


Main active ingredient
A blend of powders:                                                                         
- Pine Powder: exfoliates the surface of the skin mechanically to smooth and restore radiance/brighten the complexion.
- White Clay Powder: detoxifies impurities (pollution, make-up, toxins)
- Rock Powder: mattifies, anti-shine action

Complementary active ingredients
There are no complementary components in the skin-friendly dry formula.

The formulation
The Master-Formulator has created a dry, water-free* formula. The rough-textured Pine Powder is coated in the other powders, so that the blend rolls gently over the skin without ever scratching. The metamorphosis is instant - the skin is transformed.

* 99% dry powders and 1% water, which enables the powder to transform into a scrub for applying to the face


An immaculate white and extremely delicate powder which turns into a fine foam when massaged with water.

Fresh olfactory notes of white flowers, jasmine and lily of the valley.

How to use

Once to three times a week:

1) Wet your hands slightly, then dispense three to four shakes into your palms.                                                                                                                                                            

2) Spread the powder evenly between your hands.                                                                                         

3) Massage the whole face using circular motions, working outwards from the centre. Pay particular attention to the sides of the nose, the chin, the forehead and around the edges of the nostrils to achieve even purer, softer-feeling skin.                                                                                        

4) Rinse with water.  

Avoid contact with eyes

Do not inhale

the experience