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"I wanted to design a care product to allow women to modify the natural skin tone of their eye contour for brighter eyes.

In my quest for the perfect formula, I selected Amazonian Uncaria, which has antioxidant properties that illuminate the complexion. However, my observations of this active ingredient revealed that it must be kept in an oxygen-free environment in order to preserve these properties. I decided to use a very specific galenic technique, using an inverse emulsion to keep the active ingredient in the inner phase, protecting it from oxidation and thus ensuring its protection."


The main active ingredient
Amazonian Uncaria

Complementary active ingredients
- Moisturising betaine and glycol
- Mineral pigments with a protective oil coating to colour the product and help it blend into the skin.
- Absorbent powders for a velvety peach skin finish.

Since Amazonian Uncaria deteriorates when it is exposed to air, Galénic's Master formulator invented a technique called Light-Colour dispersion to protect it against contact with the outside environment. Its powerful antioxidant effect is thus preserved until it reaches the skin to ensure a glowing complexion.


An extremely fine texture that gives the skin a luminous finish with a powdery feel, without causing dryness. Scented with a green, floral and fruity fragrance.

How to use

Dab onto the skin using the brush, either over make-up or directly onto the skin. Blend using the brush or your fingertips. Can be used in the morning or throughout the day for touch-ups.

Avoid contact with eyes

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