Culture of perfection

A constant quest
for perfection

From its visionary founder, Pierre Fabre, to our Master formulators, the Galénic philosophy is unchanged: based on a tireless quest for exceptional formulas and perfect products. The combination of artistic passion and scientific expertise continually stretch the boundaries of creation. Each formula is custom designed. The perfect blend is developed step by step with uncompromising rigour. Some products take years to be released. In takes nine months to validate a new active ingredient, and years to find the right blend.

Lastly, each formula is manufactured in keeping with the standards inspired by the pharmaceutical culture of Pierre Fabre Laboratories, and then tested and re-tested until its effectiveness has been proven. The constant quest for perfection is an integral part of the Galénic brand, and applies to every detail, from formulation to packaging.

Infinite quest
for perfection

The monogram, an allusion to the infinity sign, symbolises Galénic’s quest for perfection. This perpetual, infinite quest represents Galénic’s unique identity.

Our distinctive label appears on each package of our exceptional formulas.

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