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Unique expertise

High-end Cosmetic

Drawing on the unique expertise passed on from generation to generation, Galénic has been creating and manufacturing High-Quality cosmetics for nearly half a century. High-end Cosmetic Formulation is part of a High-Quality approach that guarantees rigorous selection of raw materials, tests and verifications conducted by experts, and controlled manufacturing in France.

The Art
of blending

Master formulators work effortlessly to find a suitable formulation that delivers a product which guarantees effectiveness, stability and safety. They have to couple their experience with creativity to bring out the full power of an active ingredient, preserving its effectiveness while ensuring remarkable sensory appeal. Each Galénic formula is custom designed. It is extremely exacting work requiring meticulousness at every stage and endless testing to arrive at an exceptional result.

Far from conventional formulation, which involves infusing active ingredients into existing textures, formulation at Galénic is in a league of its own. Every formula is a new challenge: the Master formulators strive to find the perfect blending for the active ingredient, so that its full power and effectiveness can be released while ensuring safety. An exceptional care product leaves nothing to chance: it must be created with uncompromising rigour, step by step, according to the rules of the expertise

Formulation science
in the name of beauty

Discovering the active ingredient is the first milestone in the creation of a care product. However, for Galénic, science does not stop there. Every brand can boast the use of powerful active ingredients, but the latter cannot be effective unless we know how to preserve their strength and allow them to penetrate into the epidermis, at the heart of the skin.

Master formulators have to invent the formula that will keep the full effectiveness of an active ingredient intact. This is a challenge they meet by working step by step to create a unique recipe, an intelligent and exclusive architecture.

The creative process of a Master formulator

1. Intuition

It all begins with intuition.
Like the great chef, in an effort to honour the quintessence of a rare product, Master formulators invent a brand new blend, an exclusive formulation architecture, in order to deploy the active ingredient's full power. They try to create the specific composition of the formula that they imagined in their research notebook.

2. Selection

The second step is selection.
Drawing on their experience, Master formulators also need to be creative in order to find the right raw materials. For their formula, they choose from some 2,000 raw materials, whose characteristics they know by heart. They have shelves lined with rigorously selected raw materials. Each component is carefully examined, in terms of smell and touch. Master formulators pay close attention to the first sensations on their skin. They familiarise themselves with all of the facets and properties of each ingredient before deciding to include it in the formula. Only pertinent, necessary ingredients are selected. Every ingredient is there for a reason, and nothing is superfluous or left to chance. Everything that makes it into a formula has been carefully considered and contributes to ensuring effectiveness and safety. Selection is an essential step in the process.

3. blending

The next step, the most important one, is the blending.
Once the raw materials have been selected, the Master formulators begin the meticulous task of blending them gradually, to make them compatible with each other. Dosage must be performed with extreme precision. Changing the dose changes everything, and means starting from scratch. Blending is a crucial stage because the stability, effectiveness and harmony of the final product depend on it. It takes years of experience to develop the necessary precision and knowledge of active ingredients and their assimilation.

4. Testing

The final stage is testing.
Hundreds of tests are conducted in order to find the best prototypes for creams. Galénic never takes a step ahead without testing first, verifying the safety and effectiveness of its products. Moreover, for each product, the Master formulators look for the perfect texture for an ideal finished product: sensory appeal, unique and pleasant to the touch. The result on the skin has to be remarkable. For Galénic, texture is a top priority.

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