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Pierre Fabre,
the founder

It all began in Paris, in the late 1970s. Mr Pierre Fabre, a visionary pharmacist and the inventor of dermo-cosmetics, imagined a brand that would combine the rigour of the pharmaceutical industry and the refinement of the beauty world. Drawing on his pharmaceutical expertise and knowledge of the Art of formulation, he imagined and created high-quality cosmetics.

A name inspired by
the science of galenic formulation

The name Galénic refers to the science of galenic formulation. The manufacturing of cosmetic products traces back to the ancient Art of galenic formulation. It involves finding the best blends and most appropriate compounds to ensure the effectiveness of the active substances while also evoking emotions and pleasing the senses.

The aim of the age-old practice of galenic formulation is to give an active substance the best possible chances of being effective on the skin and reaching its target. Driven by his creative passion, Pierre Fabre drew inspiration from this pharmaceutical science, which he applied to the world of cosmetics.

In 1977, he created the Galénic brand, naming it after the science of galenic formulation, the Art of formulation. This was his way of making the statement that beauty is not a domain of promises but a domain of expertise. In this way, he began a new chapter in the Art of galenic formulation: each cosmetic care product has the best possible galenic formulation, offering women incontestable effectiveness. Cosmetics professionals took immediate interest in the brand, recognising its high quality and originality.

the Art of formulation

For the past 50 years, each creation has been the fruit of the pharmaceutical culture of Pierre Fabre Laboratories and expertise in galenic formulation. By applying his expertise as a pharmacist and knowledge of the Art of formulation, Pierre Fabre revolutionised cosmetics and beauty. Shared passion and expertise passed on between Master formulators.

the experience