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A French simplified joint stock company (SAS) with registered capital of €38,250
Head office: 45 place Abel Gance, 92100 BOULOGNE, France
Tel : 33 (0)5 63 58 88 00
Companies Registration: NANTERRE 403 270 622 – EC VAT no.: FR 39403 270 622

Director of Publication

Sarah MICHEL-STEVENS – Director of the GALENIC brand


Credits: Ghost | Les Gens  


Société CIS VALLEY, Société Anonyme Simplifiée au capital de 2 500 000 Euros, immatriculée au RCS de BORDEAUX, sous le numéro B 410 100 747, dont le siège social est situé Chemin de l’Hermite BP 70081 - 33523 BRUGES

General terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions set out the terms of use of the "GALENIC LABORATORIES" Website, which you tacitly accept when consulting this Website.

If you do not accept these terms and conditions, you are asked to leave this Website.
If you are a minor, you undertake to consult this Website only in the presence of your parents or legal guardian, who must have accepted these terms and conditions beforehand.
These terms and conditions may be amended at any time and without prior notification.

GALENIC LABORATORIES reserves the right to change this Website, the services (hereinafter “Services”) and/or the General Terms and Conditions of use of this Website. All changes will be effective as soon as they are posted on the Website If you continue to use this Website and the Website Services, you shall be deemed to have accepted these changes in full and consequently the amended General Terms and Conditions of Use.



This Website is subject to French law.
The GALENIC LABORATORIES Website, which can be consulted at (hereinafter referred to as "the Website") is made available to you under certain terms and conditions, which you agree to acquaint yourself with and respect.

These terms of use are defined herein.
Use and consultation of the Website is limited to your own personal and non-commercial use. In general, you shall abstain from using all or part of the Website for illicit purposes (copyright) or for purposes in conflict with these terms of use.
By consulting this Website, you agree to comply with the terms of use as shown at the date of consultation.

Purpose of the Website

This Website has been designed to provide you with information about GALENIC LABORATORIES. The Website does not in way represent a contractual offer. This Website publishes non-contractual information about GALENIC LABORATORIES with a view to describing all of its products, but not for the purpose of directly offering products or services (unless otherwise stated). Insofar as the updating of this Website is carried out in light of all activities, it may be that certain new information or announcements are no longer in effect at the time at which they are posted, or simply that they have become outdated. GALENIC LABORATORIES cannot guarantee, despite making every possible effort, that all information or news displayed on this Website shall always be completely up to date.


Registration is not compulsory for this Website and you are free to consult its contents. The Website may need to disclose personal information when required in order to identify, question or bring charges against any individual likely to intentionally or otherwise violate or infringe the rights or intellectual property of the Website, or harm other users of the Website or any other person as a result of such activities.


GALENIC LABORATORIES undertakes to verify that the Website’s content complies with current French legislation.

GALENIC LABORATORIES undertakes in particular to refrain from publishing any data that infringes the rights of third parties or that is violent, pornographic, slanderous or libellous in nature and to refrain from publishing any illegal content, in particular content that is racist, xenophobic or paedophiliac in nature or that is otherwise prejudicial to human dignity.

GALENIC LABORATORIES does not guarantee the accuracy or exhaustiveness of the information provided on this Website.

The documents that we post in electronic format on this Website have been proofread several times; nonetheless, they may contain errors. Should you find any errors, please do not hesitate to notify us using the contact form, and GALENIC LABORATORIES shall carry out the necessary changes. In addition, published documents may have been updated between the time at which you first view them and the time at which you read them. Therefore, GALENIC LABORATORIES offer no guarantee whatsoever that information found shall be exact, complete and up to date.

Use of the advice offered on the Website

Computer applications for online diagnoses and guides containing health/beauty information are made available to you on the Website with a view to offering treatment advice.

This does not in any way imply the transfer of any property rights whatsoever pertaining to the Applications. You are granted only a non-exclusive user licence for these Applications, for your own personal use. As such, you are prohibited from copying or reproducing all or part of the Applications by any means whatsoever and on any existing or future medium, as well as from translating the Applications into any other natural or programming language, and from altering the Applications.

GALENIC LABORATORIES cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect consequences and/or any prejudice caused as a result of any defect in or pirating of the Applications. Furthermore, GALENIC LABORATORIES shall not be bound by any obligation to achieve specific results, but solely by a best efforts obligation with respect to the advice provided.
Lastly, GALENIC LABORATORIES does not give any explicit or implied guarantee and does not accept any liability whatsoever relative to the use of this advice or of the recommended products.

Enfin les LABORATOIRES GALENIC ne donnent aucune garantie explicite ou implicite, et n'assument aucune responsabilité relative à l'utilisation de ces conseils et des produits recommandés. Ceux-ci sont donnés uniquement à titre indicatif et doivent être confirmés par des professionnels.
Such advice and recommendations are offered for information purposes only and must be confirmed by professionals. contact form.


Despite the fact that the GALENIC LABORATORIES have taken all necessary measures to ensure the reliability of the information and services it provides, it may not be held liable for any mistakes, omissions, viruses or outcomes resulting from their misuse. The Website shall only be bound by a best efforts obligation.

GALENIC LABORATORIES and its managers or members of staff cannot be held liable for:
- any damage whatsoever resulting from connection or access to or use of this Website;
- any damage resulting directly or indirectly from consultation of this Website or from use of the information it provides;
- any direct or indirect damage resulting from use of this Website, in particular any operating, financial or commercial losses, or program or data destruction in any computer system, even if GALENIC LABORATORIES has previously been informed of the possibility of such damage.
More generally, GALENIC LABORATORIES offers no guarantee, express or implied, as regards all or part of the Website.

Users of the Website undertake not to introduce any virus or file of any kind that might adversely affect the running of the Website, whether intentionally or even unintentionally; in such an event they alone shall be fully liable.
In order to ensure the respect of others, GALENIC LABORATORIES may take legal action against any dishonest visitors.
Users declare and warrant that they are entirely familiar with the features and constraints of the Internet, and in particular are aware that the transmission of data and information over the Internet is not fully reliable from a technical standpoint, as information is exchanged via heterogeneous networks offering different technical characteristics and capabilities that can occasionally disrupt or prevent access.

GALENIC LABORATORIES strive to ensure that its pages are accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, but is not bound by any obligation to achieve this. Access to the Website may therefore be interrupted, in particular for maintenance and updating purposes. GALENIC LABORATORIES also reserves the right to modify, suspend or even bring to an end the publication of all or part of this Website at any time and without prior notice. This provision also includes the Website’s communication forum and in particular links to other websites. GALENIC LABORATORIES cannot under any circumstances be held liable for any such interruptions or any consequences thereof suffered by the user or any third party.

Under no circumstances may the GALENIC LABORATORIES be held liable for any loss of data or any deterioration incurred in relation to such data. No information or advice provided by the Website may be interpreted as constituting any kind of guarantee.

Moreover, hypertext links may give access to consultation of external websites managed by third parties. GALENIC LABORATORIES has no control over such websites and does not offer any guarantee as regards the information made available on such websites, nor does it accept any liability whatsoever in relation to their content. You alone shall be liable for any connection to another website.

Intellectual property rights

All of the content of this Website and each of its individual elements (all product names or brands mentioned, architecture, texts, photos, images, illustrations, etc.) is the exclusive property of GALENIC LABORATORIES or its technical service providers and is covered by French and international copyright law and intellectual property rights in general.

We would like to point out to users that photos or distinguishing features may also constitute intellectual property rights.

All reproduction, representation and public communication rights are reserved, including visual, photographic, iconographic or other representations.
The reproduction of all or part of this Website on any electronic medium whatsoever is strictly prohibited unless specifically authorised by the publication director.
Trademarks and logos used on this Website have been registered, and their reproduction would constitute an infringement.

All rights of use are reserved. In accordance with article L.122-4 of the French intellectual property code, any representation or reproduction that is not specifically authorised, whether full or partial and by any process whatsoever, would be illegal and would constitute an infringement punishable as set out under articles L. 335-2 et seq. of the French intellectual property code.

Any publication of a document from this website must imperatively cite its source as follows: “GALENIC LABORATORIES” followed by the name of the website. Example: “© GALENIC LABORATORIES, from the website All rights reserved.”

Personal data

GALENIC LABORATORIES does not at any time require any user to communicate personal details (name, address, email address, profession, etc.). However, you may be asked to register, providing certain personal information, in order to receive certain information or documents, for example.

GALENIC LABORATORIES informs you that personal details communicated online are solely for the use of GALENIC LABORATORIES or any other entities of the PIERRE FABRE group that are responsible for the processing and storing of such data. Personal data will not be communicated to any other third parties apart from those third parties that host the Website or are involved in its content or management.

GALENIC LABORATORIES undertakes to take all reasonable measures at its disposal to ensure this personal data remains confidential.
GALENIC LABORATORIES draws your attention to the fact that its database, which may contain personal data, has been declared to the French data protection authority (Commission Nationale Informatique et Liberté, CNIL) on number 1864407.

In addition, GALENIC LABORATORIES reminds you that, in accordance with the French data protection act of 6 January 1978, you are entitled to access, change, rectify or delete any of your personal data.
You can exercise this right at any time by contacting us via the contact form or by writing to the following address:
Service informations/conseils GALENIC
BP 100
81506 LAVAUR CEDEX, France

Modifications will be made as soon as possible and no later than eight (8) business days from receipt of your request.

Each time personal details are collected via the Website, the legal provisions governing the collection and/or modification of the data collected shall be expressly mentioned.

Subject to having received your prior consent, GALENIC LABORATORIES may send you direct marketing material or newsletters by email.

The data collected through registration on this website may also be used by GALENIC LABORATORIES to send commercial or promotional offers, if authorised through the “opt in” option.

If you subscribe to receive information by email (i.e. newsletters), you can ask to no longer receive these emails either as mentioned above or by following the instructions provided at the end of each of these emails when you receive them.

Cookies and other evidence of connection

For the purpose of creating statistics (e.g. estimating website traffic) and improving your browsing experience (e.g. favouring or developing optimisation of our website for a given browser and type of colour display), and for security reasons (e.g. to be able to determine the origin of spam), GALENIC LABORATORIES may collect data pertaining to you through your environment variables using cookies.

A "cookie" is a small piece of computer software representing a block of numerical data forwarded to your browser by a web server and stored on the hard disk of your computer, your digital tablet or your telephone (hereafter collectively termed "the Equipment").

In terms of this section, the term "cookies" refers to any technology referred to in Section 32-II of the Act dated 6th January 1978, as amended.

Certain "cookies" may contain information of a private nature that will identify you as a physical user and/or identify your Equipment. They will permit the Website to recognize which parts of our activities would be of interest to you and thus to convey to you a content inclined to correspond to your interests. It is stated in this regard that the period for which the information recorded by the "cookies" may be stored by your Equipment may not exceed 13 months.

The Website makes use of "cookies" in order to collect statistics (e.g.: an estimate of the number of Website visits made, the geographical regions in which the Users are located) in order to improve the Website functions and your browsing experience (e.g. to prioritize or optimize our Website for any user and any type of color display) and to ensure browsing security, especially by counteracting fraud and spam mail.

The "cookies" of third parties may also be recorded on your Equipment and are aimed at personalizing and/or improving the content, including advertising, which may be used during your browsing session. As part of the medium, various third-party "cookies" may be stored, especially the following:

• Social network "cookies" may be installed on your Equipment when you make use of one of our media on which the content of social networks is published. Please take note of our policy regarding the management of such "cookies" from social networks on the websites of the social networks concerned.

• Flash® cookies are files stored by the Flash® software installed to display dynamic objects such as graphic animations or video sequences. Thus Flash® "cookies" may be installed when using the Flash® application. Please take note of our policy regarding the management of Flash® "cookies" on the website of the software publishing company.

• Target "cookies" defined by a third party such as an advertiser may be used to disseminate advertisements that are better targeted to you or your interests. For example, you may be presented with advertisements for our products when you visit other websites. They will also serve to limit the number of times an advertisement is shown and help to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. These "cookies" also trace your visits to various websites.

Moreover, we may place our own "cookies" onto media belonging to third parties who are our partners and who advertise our brands and/or our products. Such "cookies" are mainly intended to present you with content adapted to your interests and to keep a record of visits to our content (including advertisements).

By continuing to use our Website, you accept our use of "cookies" in accordance with the description given in this section.
Internet browsers are habitually parametrized to accept such "cookies". You are entitled to object to their presence and to refuse or delete them. It is thus possible for you to delete them from your Equipment by consulting the help page of your browser and objecting to the storage of such "cookies", thus deactivating this function in your browser.

To amend these parameters, click on the "Options" or "Preferences" menu in your browser. The following links to the most commonly used browsers may be consulted in order to find out more about these parameters. If your browser is not listed, use the "Help" function of your browser to obtain further details.

Cookie parameters for Internet Explorer
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Cookie parameters for Safari and  iOS

The methods used to deactivate the "cookies" are defined on the website of the National Information Technology and Rights Commission (CNIL) in its section on "cookies and other trackers" and may be viewed at the following web address:

Remember that if you make use of a range of Equipment in various locations, you must ensure that each browser has been configured to include your cookie preferences.

You may amend your settings regarding the acceptance or refusal of our "cookies" at any time.

Please note that, if you deactivate "cookies", certain website content will become inaccessible to you and you may thus not necessarily have access to all the functions of this Website.


Since the Internet is an open network, GALENIC LABORATORIES cannot guarantee that data will not be re-routed fraudulently by a third party.

GALENIC LABORATORIES do not control risks relating to the Internet and the way it operates. Please be aware that there may be risks of data loss or impaired confidentiality of data transferred via this network.


GALENIC LABORATORIES may provide links to other websites belonging to either other entities within the Group or external parties. These websites are independent of the GALENIC LABORATORIES Website.

GALENIC LABORATORIES does not edit or control the sources or content of these websites or their links with other websites.

The presence of links to these websites does not in any way constitute approval, confirmation or acceptance by GALENIC LABORATORIES of the content of such websites.

Consequently, GALENIC LABORATORIES cannot be held liable for the content, products, services, advertising, cookies or any other elements of these websites, nor for any damage or loss, whether proven or alleged, occurring as a direct result of or in relation to the use of the information, services or data available on these websites.

No hypertext link to the Website may be created without the prior written authorisation of GALENIC LABORATORIES. Authorisation requests must be made via the contact form. Any unauthorised use constitutes an infringement punishable by law.

Communication forums on the Website

Forums are available on the Website for Internet users to communicate their views and offering the possibility of making contact or sending questions via the contact form or by writing to the following address:
Service informations/conseils GALENIC
BP 100
81506 LAVAUR CEDEX, France

All of the messages posted in these communication forums express the ideas of their respective authors. However, since the Website is responsible for the content of these forums, its managers may remove or simply refuse to respond to any messages that are deemed reprehensible, illegal or non-compliant with these General Terms of Use.
Thus, participants undertake not to post any content that:
- constitutes disguised advertising;
- is untruthful or erroneous in nature;
- is likely to constitute an infringement of intellectual or industrial property rights, trademarks or other third-party rights, such as the right of personal portrayal or the right to privacy;
- is abusive, libellous, slanderous, racist, xenophobic or revisionist in nature, or undermines the honour or reputation of another person;
- incites discrimination, hatred of an individual or a group of people on account of their origins or their affiliation or non-affiliation with a given ethnic group, nation, race or religion;
- threatens an individual or a group of people;
- is prejudicial to ordre public, is subject to civil or criminal sanctions, or is libellous or slanderous in nature;
- is unconstitutional or extremist, or is posted by a group that has been banned by law;
- incites any offence, crime, suicide or act of terrorism, or seeks to justify crimes, acts of terrorism, war crimes or crimes against humanity;
- is pornographic in nature, goes against accepted standards of behaviour or is prejudicial to human dignity;
- allows third parties to directly or indirectly obtain pirated software, software serial numbers, software allowing piracy or hacking of computer or telecommunications systems, and more generally any software or tool that allows the infringement of another person’s rights or that is detrimental to the safety of persons or property;
- contains viruses or any other application that could disrupt or damage software, hardware or computers belonging to the Website or its users;
- constitutes a chain letter.

The user undertakes to respect the image and the reputation of the Website and to not make any declarations and/or carry out any actions whatsoever that could be detrimental to the Website.
In the event of any breach of applicable law, accepted standards of behaviour or these terms of use, or for any other reason that may be freely interpreted, the Website reserves the right to close its communication forums temporarily or permanently and to delete information or references to the information posted therein.
GALENIC LABORATORIES reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to decide whether or not to publish your opinions or websites in its forums, and to modify, adapt or translate them into any language in any form and on any media, to keep them online or to delete them at any time and without any obligation to inform you of such actions.

Miscellaneous provisions

In the event that any provision of these General Terms of Use becomes invalid or if a provision should prove to contain any omission, the provision in question will be replaced by another provision which resembles the original provision as closely as possible from a legal standpoint.

Your navigation or use of the Website necessarily implies that you have read these General Terms of Use, and that you fully agree with them.

These General Terms of Use are governed by and interpreted in accordance with French law.
For any queries regarding these General Terms of Use, or if you have any questions or comments regarding the Website or its communication forum, please contact us via the formulaire de contact.

Applicable law and Jurisdiction

These general terms and conditions are subject to French law. If no amicable agreement is reached, the courts of Nanterre shall have sole jurisdiction to settle any disputes in relation to any breach hereof.